Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal in a day.but  In most cases, people avoid it, maybe because it is annoying to prepare it, probably  for the time that is always less.


but, in holiday, breakfast become an important moment. The time is longer and above all somebody prepares it for us!

In our B&B, the breakfast is obviously Italian!: coffees, cappuccinos, chocolates, teas, croissants, local biscuits, jam, cakes… We try to satisfy every request for our clients!

At Casa di Valentina breakfast is a moment in which you can open yourselves to the others.  You can take your breakfast with people from all over the world sharing experiences and different ways of life.

at breakfast different activities take place: the organization of the day, the printing of the check in, the booking of another bed and breakfast far from Monreale…

we set the table…you attend to everything else!